Meet the Juniper starter pack, your WordPress development new best friend!

Juniper is our original boilerplate, and the answer to your prayers to get your web development projects up and running quickly and efficiently. We've been working on and with it for a while now, and after the last release we're ready to go more public. Read More

13 Easy Steps to Improve WordPress Security and Keep Your Site Safe

Defend your WordPress website and keep your business safe! Discover 13 simple and effective steps to improve your WordPress website's security and protect your business from cyber threats. Read More

DevKinsta – the perfect flow for your WP apps. Webinar by Osom and Buddy

Back in August, together with Buddy. Works, we held a webinar to share our workflow with the wider WordPress community. In this article, we want to give you a rundown on the tools from Buddy. Works and Kinsta that we use at Osom, and explain what makes them true time-savers. Read More

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