How WordPress found us, and how we made it ours

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By Robert Cnotalski

You may think – of all the available frameworks and technologies, why choose WordPress? Well, it’s hard to point to just one reason. We’ll do our best to explain our choice, though. And while it’s not one of those that we’ll one day share with our grandchildren by the fireplace, let us tell you our story.

Where there’s a need, there’s a way

We hit the programming market in 2011. Having shown up with an array of skills, including a wide range of coding languages, frameworks and platforms, we took our place among mobile and web app developers. Step by step, we built a solid portfolio of clients, supplying their needs on Laravel, iOS and Android projects. 

Our impeccable quality standards led them to ask for more and more – that’s how we started collecting assignments for corporate websites. Since we always had a soft spot for open source projects, WordPress was the obvious choice. Having delved into the WP community, first-hand observing how its passion drives the platform’s development, we sank even further in. 

From then on, choosing the WordPress ecosystem and focusing our business’s future around it was a no-brainer. And, on behalf of our ambition, we decided to master the craft, setting ourselves no limits at all.

Why is WordPress valued?


WordPress wasn’t always the popular go-to solution for web development it is today. Back in the era of Joomla, Drupal and other frameworks, it was merely one of the possible choices. In our eyes, what set it apart was its functionality and user-friendliness. We craved to work on a platform that is comfortable to use both for us and our end users. WordPress checked all the boxes. 

Furthermore, after a couple of training sessions, WordPress becomes intuitive enough to be handled by someone with slightly-over-minimal web skills. It means that the digital team on the client’s end doesn’t need an agency’s assistance to introduce every small change. Once the website is built, it’s really editable!

Development and support potential

Even a decade ago, before it became what it is today, WordPress’s potential was clear to see – we noticed an emerging community with visible dedication and a stable development roadmap. Thus, we could sleep peacefully, not worrying about the long-term outcomes of our decision, as we were sure the platform would continue to grow.

Besides, it creates a space for implementing fresh and modern solutions. For instance – Headless CMS-s that allow developers to introduce frameworks of their choice to the front-end are an example of a powerful and efficient method that drove WordPress to the market pole position it holds today. 

Digital transformation departure point

For some companies, especially the non-digital-native ones, a new website or e-commerce can be the first step towards digital transformation. Especially these days, with a prominent shift in customer behaviour due to new, pandemic-related habits. A strong online presence, complementary to new channels isn’t a nice-to-have anymore – it’s what businesses need to survive. This trend is particularly visible in e-commerce – a Harvard Business Review research conducted on 46,000 shoppers showed that 73% of them used multiple channels to achieve their goal!

This expands our role far beyond web development – we become technological and business partners, who help kickstart a long and fruitful journey, sharing their experience and know-how. 


February 2021 saw WordPress pass a 40% market share of all websites (on the sample of Alexa’s Top 10 Million Websites). A vast percentage of these are simple pages for small to medium-sized businesses.

However, WordPress’s convenient and intuitive usage leads to it being considered by large and corporate-level businesses that look to build complex web projects as well!

Osom is WordPress, WordPress is Osom

WordPress is what we do, and what we’re best at. We cover all cases, building websites from scratch, rebuilding seemingly lost causes, maintaining WooCommerce stores, all that while wrapping it all up with strong online communication foundations. 

But most importantly – WordPress is what we love and enjoy doing. We challenge each other day by day, becoming more and more enthusiastic about what we do. We enjoy watching our clients grow, happily dwelling on the feeling of making our contribution towards building a better web ecosystem. It’s our passion, combined with our skills, that we believe can change the game for your business. 

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