Osom Studio Poland’s Top Developer

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By Patrycja Krakus

Osom Studio is recognised as a Polish Top Developer by Clutch.co.

We are incredibly proud to say that Osom Studio has been named the Polish Top Developer by Clutch.co. Our team also received this year’s Clutch Leader Award for the best software development and internet marketing strategy in Poland.

We’re particularly honored because Clutch is one of the best and most influential search engines for companies and businesses. It provides ratings and reviews of B2B companies and often serves as a foundation of the customer’s decision-making process. Clutch also pairs up agencies with companies in need of contractors.

We’ve been lucky enough to be placed on top of their list – high ratings and verified reviews allowed us to build up a stable position on the market. It’s an exciting milestone for us!

“Being recognized by Clutch is very important to our agency. Customer reviews are the prime indicator of the service standard that we represent and what our clients can expect from us. Clutch allows objective opinion sharing, which proves time and time again to be of great value”

Maciej Nowak, Partner at OSOM STUDIO

Our customers appreciate the solutions and technologies that we propose and implement. We show a lot of dedication working on our client’s projects and that furthers their sense of security. In addition, Clutch boosts our credibility, so we wish to thank our customers for their time and all the positive reviews.

We wish to keep up with the competition and enhance our brand awareness, so we’re also present on The Manifest – Clutch’s twin search engine that delivers valuable insight and fresh news from the industry. We believe that Polish agencies should keep their fingers on the pulse and be aware of the current industry demands so that creative teams can do their jobs as well as possible.

We encourage you to contact us – if you wish to consult your project, write us at Osom!

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