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Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology solutions, and digital transformation, with 50 years of experience in the business service sector. It employs over 270,000 people in 50 countries.

The Polish branch of the group approached us with a request for a new website; one, that would modernise its brand image as an employer and increase the effectiveness of the company’s recruitment efforts.




2020 - 2021

Services we provided

  • Visual identity
  • UX / UI
  • Development


- Helping Capgemini to increase conversions rate (CV submission) – create user-friendly solutions to support desired actions on the website.


- Brand image uniformity – the company was using different graphic styles across the web, which didn’t support building brand awareness.

- Making the brand stand out from its competition – the IT industry is a booming field when it comes to recruitment. Capgemini, having a strong reputation, needed a website that reflected its positive image.

Our Mission

To improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of Capgemini as an employer, and make it unique by building a new website and creating additional visuals to be used for future campaigns.

Our remedy in 4 steps


01 Workshops

Our collaboration with Capgemini started with workshops, which are always the cornerstone of all projects we run.


  • We determined the issues related to the recruitment process, as well as the performance of the current website. This allowed us to obtain a complete image of the situation and map all areas in need of optimisation.

  • We identified the needs of the Capgemini team and their expectations of the new website.

  • We interpreted data from Google Analytics and discussed the nature of traffic on the existing site in detail.

  • We demonstrated the most interesting trends in design and helped identify the style that best represented the image of the company.

  • We prepared draft mockups of the new site.

capgemini 1
Group 445

02 Design and coding

After the workshops, we moved on to the design and coding phase. The project had to be based on the Capgemini branbook, which defined the fonts, colours, icon style, and even the website’s grid. While the style guide somewhat limited our designers’ vision, it didn’t get in the way of modernising the look of the site.

The design used irregular shapes, inside which we put photos of the company’s employees. To create the perfect background for the typography, we brightened the website, giving it a clean, natural look. The project was complemented with illustrations that matched the color scheme of Capgemini.

During the coding phase, our developers implemented subtle animations that were an exciting addition to the site and fit in with the trends. Thanks to this, the Capgemini website began to reflect the spirit of the company and the image of a modern employer.


  • We reviewed the website’s architecture, analysed the mockups created during the workshop, and determined the user flow. Afterwards, we put it up for discussion with the Capgemini team. 
  • We analysed the brand book.

  • We designed user-friendly solutions to support the conversion rates (contact form, job search engine, results filter, etc).

  • We designed desktop and mobile versions of the website.

  • We developed the front- and back-end of the website.

Group 490-min

03 Additional visuals

Capgemini was using inconsistent visuals in its communication, which made it difficult to build brand awareness online. To change this, we updated the materials in line with the design of the new website. We also created an application form that Capgemini can use in the recruiting process. Friendly design, a progress bar, and a clear form make the application process much easier.


  • We created and delivered mailing templates in HTML for Capgemini.

  • We designed the application form to be set up on a subdomain

04 Support and optimisation

After implementation, Capgemini contracted us to maintain and support the website. Several months after that, we conducted Google Analytics and HotJar audits to verify the effectiveness of the site in converting job-seeking users.The collected data and conclusions related to UX will be taken into account in the process of website optimisation.


  • Hotjar audit – we analysed heat-, click- and move maps and prepared optimisation recommendations on this basis.

  • We analysed and interpreted data from Google Analytics.

The Results


Capgemini contacted us to create a website that would help them recruit talented professionals. A good identification of the client’s needs and its target group early on in the project, allowed us to create a product that met the company’s expectations.

  • A modern website that goes hand in hand with the image of the company.

  • Technological and graphic support in creating an attractive employer brand on the Internet.

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