Smart Schedules a revolution in public transport


Smart Schedules is an innovative system of integrated information for the passengers of public transport. Based on Google Maps, it utilizes GPS and analyzes traffic.


Smart Schedules



Services we provided

  • Visual identity
  • UX / UI
  • Development
  • Marketing

Goals /Objectives

The primary goal of the Smart Schedules project is the improvement of passengers’ comfort while using public transportation services. Our agency’s first task was to identify the target group and reach an audience, i.e. city council officials, owners and CEOs of government and privately-owned transport companies. It’s them who decide whether a given unit will be connected to the network.


Our Mission

- Creating a website, that would clearly present the offer, the essence of this technology and speak directly to the target audience

- Distinguishing the brand from other startups

- Building brand awareness, which would translate into the number of conversions


  • A responsive website based on WordPress, which is characterized by a friendly interface, provides easy contact via every device, while remaining fully functional – both desktop and mobile

  • Intuitive and transparent design based on UX, creating characteristic icons and interaction

  • Storytelling as a method of reaching the recipients – a simulated chat on a website, where one of the interlocutors recommends using the Smart Schedules app, as it is a solution to the problem of using public transport





Good website navigation enables comfortable browsing between the tabs and searching for the required content. Understandable information and suggestive icons encourage users to perform further actions and they tend to be remembered better.

The project's goals, i.e. reaching the target audience, building brand awareness and selling products have been achieved and successfully completed.

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