Benefits of having a Project Manager on the project

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By Patrycja Krakus

Discover why the role of a project manager is essential in the IT industry.

In the previous article, we described why the role of a project manager is essential in the IT industry. In this one, we continue to reflect on their work, the benefits of their presence in the project, and the results you can expect from them.

In this article, we will answer two main questions:

1. What are the benefits of involving a Project Manager in your project?

2. What is the role of the PM in Osom Studio’s projects?


What are the benefits of involving Project Manager in your project?

Let’s start by looking at this question from a different perspective…

What can happen if there is no PM in your project?

The PM’s absence leads to a lack of up-to-date information about the status of your project. If no one is watching over the planned schedule, this dramatically increases the likelihood of delays. Not to mention the lack of control over the budget or the lower quality of the final product. So as you can see, there are many dangers to watch out for.

Now let’s look at the benefits of having a dedicated person supervising an IT project.


Organised project flow… and everything is in the right place.


Time is money – and you’r PM knows it

Experience helps the PM assess when your presence in the meeting is necessary and when an inter-team consultation is sufficient to avoid involving you in insignificant matters. Of course, your opinion is always the most important factor in major decisions. Before you make one – but also throughout the project – you can always count on the PM’s advice.


Effective communication between you and the team.

Sometimes two departments work on the same project. Imagine a situation where both graphic designers and developers have the same question for you. In the avalanche of responsibilities, the flow of information between departments is not so smooth. This can lead to communication chaos and situations where you have to answer the same questions over and over again. Thanks to the PM who collects all the concerns from the team, you don’t have to waste your time. Plus, you only contact the Project Manager, so no information gets lost in translation.

Remember that your honesty, open attitude, and willingness to work with the agency to solve problems are just as important as the PM’s initiative. This is the recipe for a successful collaboration.


The project is progressing according to plan.

The Project Manager sets the schedule for the implementation process. They plan all the team’s work further in advance and delegate tasks to the right people. Thanks to this, the project runs on time and you are always informed about its progress.


The Project Manager keeps the execution of the implementation safe.

The PM is actively involved in the development of the site. They stay in touch with the members of the project team, consisting of people who trust them and talk openly about the difficulties they encounter. This gives them the opportunity to prevent the project from going off the rails. An example of such a preventable situation is when a developer spends too much time on one task and can’t solve a certain problem themself, or when a website module doesn’t meet the specification. It is the constant and honest contact with the team that helps to avoid delays in the project delivery.


The right tools.

Every digital agency has a set process that is followed during the implementation phase. The Project Manager working with you will inform you about it at the very beginning of the collaboration. However, if some elements do not meet your needs, you will work together to find a solution that works best for both of you. For example: the agency suggests tool X for conference calls, but your company uses platform Y… no problem! Let your PM know, and the tool you prefer will be used.

On-time project delivery – at the push of a button

The work progresses according to schedule.

Do you want your website to be launched on time? Thanks to the effective work of the Project Manager, this is possible. The processes, where the PM “keeps an eye” on the schedule, monitoring the team’s work and testing every module, definitely contributes to this.


Teams motivation.

Contrary to popular belief, on-time delivery of a development project depends not only on the agency’s team, but also on yours. Thanks to their skills, the PM is able to motivate everyone; both on the client’s and agency’s side; and provide systematic feedback so that the project progresses step by step as planned.


Immediate ability to plan next steps.

Every Project Manager makes great efforts to keep each implementation on schedule. You can start planning the marketing campaign for your new website or take care of the rebranding of your printed materials today! You can run your activities in parallel and save time. Remember, the Internet doesn’t forgive those who are late, so it’s always better to be one step ahead of the competition.

Professional advice – this is fundamental.


Quick problem solving.

Are you a stranger to technology? Or have you been struggling with a problem for so long that you can’t see it from another perspective and it’s holding you back? Struggle no more, ask your Project Manager what they think about it. With their experience with clients operating in various industries, they can advise you on how to solve problems in an efficient and quick manner.

Let’s say you have just started implementing an online store. You also already have a separate inventory management system. However, you didn’t ask about integrating these two systems. Perhaps you thought, “That would cost a lot, and I don’t have the budget for that right now”. So you decide to manually add the available product quantity data, but do you know that the integration of these systems can be done via a pre-built plugin? Undoubtedly, the PM will suggest such a solution, so you don’t have to waste your time and energy.


Budget management.

Do you have a limited budget? If so, don’t worry because you can always rely on the PM’s professional advice on how to use those funds adequately. After identifying the project’s goals, they will discuss them with their development team. This will give him a broader view and help suggest the most optimal plan within your budget. Based on this, you can decide which features are essential and need to be implemented first and which can be added later.

Monitoring project funds is crucial when you are working with the agency on an hourly rate basis. In T&M projects, it’s the PM’s job to track the time spent on each task and keep you informed about the costs. Thanks to their presence in the project, the team doesn’t waste time on internal meetings or calls. They distribute tasks and serve as the single point of contact for you. Having the PM means that you know what you are paying for, how much time it took, and most importantly, you feel that your project is in good hands.


Project management in Osom Studio

At Osom Studio, we promote the crucial role that the PM plays in every project. For this reason, every project of our agency is helmed by a dedicated project manager.  We think of them as a crucial part of every team: they have the experience, know how to coordinate the work and assemble just the right team. Our clients are supported by PM’s so they can sleep peacefully, not worrying about the current status of the project and how the work progresses. We always stay in touch with our clients after the work is complete, too, and help them with WordPress and WooCommerce maintenance.

Learn how a PM can boost performance in your project – our experienced team of IT PM’s is waiting for you, so feel free to send us your brief.

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