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Creating an Effective Website: Is it Better to Build New or Optimize an Existing One?

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By Łukasz Kaczmarek

A website is the best showcase of any company. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to do business without it. Just how do you create an effective website? Build it from scratch or improve an existing one?

Building a website from scratch is indeed a big challenge that involves an investment of time and money, so it’s no wonder why some entrepreneurs tend to put it off indefinitely. Instead of taking the bull by the horns, they opt for minor developments that ultimately may not be optimal for the company’s needs. On the other hand, bolder businesspeople sometimes throw themselves in at the deep end and, instead of adding a few new tabs, commission a new site, slowing down their project. 

How to make the best decision? When is it better to create a website from scratch, and when should you fine-tune an existing one? The following article will help you answer this question! In it, you will find a summary of the pros and cons of taking on the challenge of creating a website from scratch.


Why is an up-to-date and well-designed website a key component for any business?

The pandemic changed the rules of the business world game by transferring the majority of professional duties to the realm of the Internet. It has proven the significance of an appropriate online business card for a company to realise its potential. 

A website is a mirror image of a company – just like when you meet a new person, the first few seconds determine whether you will be interested in learning more about the content.

Nowadays, the website is the primary showcase and usually the first point of contact between a potential customer and a brand. It is the factor that facilitates the discovery of a particular business online and allows the viewer to assess whether the approach and idea coincide with their preferences. Indeed, for many organisations, the website is essential for many business processes. 

However, a visually appealing website alone is not enough. Its usability, speed and positioning capabilities are crucial. A modern website is not just an add-on but a hub and medium that generates revenue and serves as one of the company’s main branding tools. What conditions should a well-designed website fulfil? 

An effective website should be integrated and facilitate communication between internal systems, warehouses and CRMs. Such a medium allows staff to re-stock, update and use additional functions.

The question of site navigation and its speed is also crucial. Poor navigation, making it difficult for a potential customer to view an offer, reduces the chances of closing the deal and a customer return. A modern website should be as user-friendly, fast and straightforward as possible. 

Once one has the above covered, it is worth reviewing the website’s visibility in Google search results. Let’s be honest hardly anyone reads anything beyond the first few searches. Therefore, the next element determining the success of a website is its positioning and advertising possibilities. 

Last, but not least, we have the website’s security against possible attacks or data theft. Safeguarding and ensuring that your website complies with data security regulations is pivotal and complex hence one might be better off outsourcing it to a well-established WordPress agency. 

A properly thought-out and constructed website should be easy-to-update, fast, secure, and convenient for internal and external users.

Should you fear swapping your website for a new one? 

Such a change is quite often desired by just one person or department, and may not actually bring positive outcomes for the company at a given stage of development. That is why you should first consider whether it is truly needed. Collaborating with a WordPress agency is a full-proof option to decide what change is required based on professional insights. 

A new website is a risk and costs a bit, but also new possibilities. You can build on previous mistakes to include everything you need in the new website. New functionality, modern safety features and cross-device support – all this you can add to the new website.

Creating a new site can be time-consuming, and in the process you can, on the one hand, negate your marketing and SEO achievements, but on the other, due to Google’s constant SEO shifts, take it to a whole new level. 

Remember not to spoil what worked well in the existing site structure, such as high search engine visibility or user-friendly forms. It is best to perform a website audit with a WordPress agency and identify strengths and requirements to minimise the risk of possible errors. 

To sum up, there is no need to be afraid of change, provided you rely on the expertise of specialists.


What if you do not want to change the website?

A complete website redesign is not the only option. In fact, it is often an unadvisable choice. Quite often, maintaining and developing an existing website allows an organisation to achieve its business goals without incurring substantial one-off costs and halting the company’s work for a long time. 

Website development usually requires less time than creating it from scratch. It also tends to be less expensive, though it is not a one-off cost, as an older site may need to be updated periodically.

Moreover, website redesign can involve a wide range of activities. You may not only update the appearance but also add new functionalities, improve security and UX, or enhance SEO optimisation.

Finally, there is the issue of hidden problems with easy solutions. Many sites look great on the surface, but problems arise in the coding and bugs aspect. For example, when a back-end is problematic, a code rewrite alone provides a way out. 

Such cases are common. A novice may not be fully aware of the situation, so the key in such cases is to choose the right partner to take over website optimisation and provide advice and support in the subsequent phases of web development.


New website vs optimisation – when is the choice obvious?

When should you definitely bet on new web development: 

  • When the company underwent substantial changes and a new website suits as a seal of the new opening. 
  • When the company underwent a rebranding.
  • When you replace a bulk of the content on the old site needs and redesign the information architecture. 
  • When the technology supporting the website needs an upgrade.
  • When you strive to become vendor-independent. 

When is it worth considering a website optimisation and enhancement rather than a complete overhaul: 

  • When you have a new element on offer.
  • When you have a new headquarters. 
  • When you are celebrating a company anniversary. 
  • When you introduce a new addition to your marketing or management team.

So, what to do – opt for the existing website optimisation or create a new one? 

The answer to this question depends on individual circumstances and requirements. Start with a realistic assessment of the situation and business objectives and then analyse them against feasible solutions. Base your decision on awareness and rationality. Let’s consider two scenarios. 

1. A company with a sizeable website would like to replace it in 2 months as they have a major upcoming event. 

Vendors want to show customers the new site instead of dealing with a tedious WordPress maintenance process. Is it the best solution, though? First, reflect on the situation realistically. Assess the potential return on such an investment, and then consider the odds of the success of the whole operation. Be aware that hardly any reputable WordPress agency or supplier offers an on-time delivery deadline and can get the project moving at full steam right now. The time pressure often breeds stressful situations, fostering mistakes that can still affect the implementation weeks after the launch. Plus, the fast turnaround time means a higher price for web development. If you have insufficient time to create an optimised website from scratch, reconsider website optimisation or a partial revamp for an event and leave a total redesign for a future date. 

2. An organisation’s management has the entire offer to replace and is aware that the current website is hindering marketing or sales activities. A website replacement is inevitable in the future, but now, the team has no time to do this. 

What to do? In this situation, you should note that keeping the current site creates a double cost: the cost of maintenance and the cost of losing potential benefits. It is then necessary to put the situation into perspective and take stock of the gains and losses to assess it rationally. There is no time to lose. You have to act to get back to achieving your business goals. If this is the case, contact a proven WordPress agency to perform a website audit and, after this analysis, proceed with determining the new requirements and steps. 


A modern website – a ticket to your company’s success

These days, a high-quality website constitutes a vitally valuable component of many company business processes. It is essential to ensure that the website’s structure supports the organisation’s purposes rather than throwing obstacles in its path. To this end, you should analyse its performance and possibilities in the long term. Such an approach can help you gain the necessary foresight and make decisions with a long-term positive impact on your organisation. 

However, the benefits do not end there. Having a modern, good-quality website also saves you money. A well-made website does not need to be constantly repaired. A high-quality website is cheaper, quicker and easier to update. Also, it is easy to add new functionalities and security features. But to make this happen, you need to be sure to have the necessary support in website development and upgrades.

We would be more than happy to help you see things in perspective and advise you on the most optimal solution for your company at the moment. At Osom Studio we both create websites from scratch and maintain existing ones, so you may rest assured that there is no hidden conflict of interest. Our opinion is geared towards the benefit of your business. We value our partnerships and long-term relationships, so you can expect an objective and professional evaluation when contacting us.

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