Persona, what is that?

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By Patrycja Krakus

If you are looking to define your client, look no further. A persona is what you are looking for.

Understanding your client is essential for the success of all marketing operations. It is also the first step to increase your profits. Our article will help you take it today.

Persona, what is that?

You have probably wondered more than once about who your ideal client is, what is this customer you’d wish to operate with like? The one who would purchase your service or product and enable the brand’s further growth – bring profit, publicity and future cooperation opportunities. The profile of this model, precious client, is what we call a customer persona.


A persona is the profile of company’s ideal client.

It is a representation of his demographic characteristics, behaviours and interests. A collection of qualities on the basis of which you create the client’s exact representation.


A persona is the profile of a company’s ideal client.
For some businesses, the personification of their client persona will be the Marketing Director of an international corporation, for others – the owner of a local company. Does your business have its own buyer persona?


Does my company need to have one?

If you have not created your persona yet, it is time to catch up and point your sales efforts in the right direction. No matter what industry you work in, a persona will let you know what your client’s needs are and will let you respond to them in the right way – with your offer.

Do you have a B2B company? Create personas of decision-making individuals – owners of companies and upper-level managers, product distributors and agents who will let you increase your sales. Are you a service provider? Get to know the clients’ real issues and sell them a solution that will make their lives easier. Do you run an online business? Learn who the people visiting your channels are and fully utilize different media’s sales potential. We could give many more examples, as a persona is the basis of success in every industry.

But there’s more to that.


Why is creating a persona so important?

The truth is you should take the persona into consideration while deciding to start any operation whatsoever. If you have information about your client (demographical and based on an analysis of the behaviour), you can carry out effective actions and be certain about his/her reaction. It is of course way more than marketing based on text only – it is true for any kind of advertising campaigns, image-building activities or even product development. A persona is simply the best criterion to base on while making strategic decisions. In the end, a company works for the client and a persona will let you get to know his preferences and adapt your operations accordingly.

A persona is a great business signpost as well, especially if the company’s budget for marketing is limited. However, if the specialists have an accurate profile of the client, they can use resources – both money and time – more effectively and allocate them to operations that will bring greater profit.

A persona will also help you get the most valuable clients. It is better to focus on several model clients and personalize your content for them than to channel your communication to everybody and collect low-quality feedback. After all, you are not set on having just anyone ask about your offer and on having your CRM filled with non-prospective contacts, right? Creating a persona will replace a random user with a client you have always wanted to get for your company.


How many personas should you create?

There is no predetermined number of personas that a brand should have – no specialist should decide about it not knowing your company. It is an individual matter that results directly from each business specific nature.

If you provide services to dozens of clients, it is certainly possible to determine several personas among them, which would be the representatives of certain groups. After all, your model clients may belong to different industries, struggle with different issues, have a different budget and a different awareness of your product. Just one persona will not faithfully reflect all these traits. Therefore, a company’s communication and all strategic operations must be designed for a specific client and be based on his needs, so he could be persuaded to make a purchase. That is why it is worthwhile to create several personas to match different type of consumers.


Verification of assumptions

The verification of assumptions is as important as the creation of a client’s profile itself. Before you choose a persona to be the centre of the marketing operations of your company, you should be certain about its accuracy.

Once the design works are finished, it is good to look closely at the description once again. Make sure that one trait does not exclude another and that the persona is firmly anchored in reality. Are you sure that your ideal client has a LinkedIn profile or that he works at a big company? Are you sure he is a supplier of technology or equipment? The fewer doubts, the more accurate your decisions will be and your chances of carrying out successful operations will grow.

Moreover, eremember that your personas will need a facelift over tim. Consumer behaviours are subject to constant changes, so do not lose sight of your clients. Observe how they use the internet, how their needs change and what stimuli make them choose your offer. Optimise your next operations and products according to that information and become an ideal choice for an ideal client.

The process of creating a persona may seem wearisome, but – with no doubt – it is worth the time you invest in it. It allows you to precisely plan the company’s operations and maximize the chances of finalising sales.

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