Can remote work have an impact on the culture of a company? Delve into Osom’s culture assessment and trace our path.

By Karolina Szor

“What makes a good website? Boost your business’s online visibility”

How do you know if your website is good? Our list will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your WordPress website and help you make changes to achieve your business goals! Don’t miss out – read it now.

By Łukasz Kaczmarek

Take the Stress Out of Website Building: Get the Benefits of Osom’s User-Centered Workshops

Is building the new website giving you sleepless nights? Take a deep breath and check out what you can gain from Osom Workshops!

By Ewelina Paul

Meet the Juniper starter pack, your WordPress development new best friend!

Juniper is our original boilerplate, and the answer to your prayers to get your web development projects up and running quickly and efficiently. We’ve been working on and with it for a while now, and after the last release we’re ready to go more public.

By Bartosz Nowak

Creating an Effective Website: Is it Better to Build New or Optimize an Existing One?

Explore the pros and cons of building a new website from scratch or optimizing an existing one for a stronger online presence. Find out which approach is best for your business and maximize your website’s effectiveness.

By Łukasz Kaczmarek

How to evaluate a project? Ins and outs of Osom project evaluation process.

Nothing is more valuable for a company’s growth and expertise than an evaluation and reflection on a completed project! If you want to find out how we do this at Osom, read our article written by Karolina Szro, Osom HR Specialist

By Karolina Szor

Effective Communication from First Contact to Website Launch: Osom Studio’s Tried and Tested Process

Find out how Osom Studio’s communication process helps businesses succeed from the initial e-mail contact to the final website launch. Discover our secrets to effective communication and see how we can help your business achieve its goals.

By Ewelina Paul

Osom Studio highlighted by Clutch Among Poland’s Leading B2B Companies for 2022

We are very proud to be recognised for what we love to do. We especially thank this award to our clients, with whom we take on new WordPress challenges every day!

By Adrian Sobiech

CI/CD must do for a WordPress website

Get your head around CI/CD and the processes we use and learn how you can implement it for your and your website’s benefit!

By Szymon Polaczy

How to Build Strong and Effective Teams in a Remote Organisation? – 5 key essentials we have implemented at Osom

Transitioning into a remote organisation requires changes in the day-to-day work arrangement. If you, like us, have chosen the remote working path, read this article for a handful of tips and insights we’ve gleaned from our experience.

By Karolina Szor

When a WordPress contract goes badly wrong…

Redesigning a WordPress website or building a brand new one is a strategic business decision, and you want it done right! But what if it happens otherwise? What to do when your project goes wrong? Read our article and find out how to save your website and your business.

By Maciej Nowak

How WordPress found us, and how we made it ours

You may think – of all the available frameworks and technologies, why choose WordPress? Well, it’s hard to point to just one reason. We’ll do our best to explain our choice, though.

By Robert Cnotalski

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