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Who should consider advertising on Google Display Network?

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By Kamil Kwaśny

The following text is the comment of our expert – Kamil Kwaśny – provided for the purposes of Interaktywnie “Search Engine Marketing” report.

Who should consider advertising on Google Display Network?

GEMIUS data from 2017 says that the Google Display Network reaches over 90% of internet users. With various management options adding to that, we get a medium with a very wide and diverse application. An advertising campaign can be an interesting part of your marketing strategy. So who and when should consider advertising on Google Display Network?

Let’s reverse this question and consider in which cases we should avoid advertising on the Google Display Network. I would not recommend it for people who care primarily about the sales. Product Listing Ads campaigns will work much better here. When the main focus is put on conversions, e.g. sending a form, I would also not choose GDN ads, because they usually get worse conversion rates. An additional aspect to consider is a limited advertising budget. GDN ads are excellent as a complement to other campaigns, e.g. through remarketing. However, if we have a limited budget, I would focus on types of campaigns that convert better, e.g. SERP (except for the situation when the goal is to build brand awareness).

GDN ads increase website traffic. It is also a good idea to use them if we wish to boost brand awareness. In addition to the above-mentioned examples, they are sure to successfully assist with any advertising strategy.

Campaigns on the Google Display Network can serve as a very versatile tool that can be successfully used by a wide range of people. They are easily available due to the small budget which you can start with and the effortlessness of creating ads yourself. If you have any questions about Google Ads – you wonder which ads will effectively support your goals or if it’s the right channel for your business at all, let us know. Send us a message. 

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