New website & brand identity refreshment – Netwise

The Netwise story dates back to 2008, offering an unparalleled range of consulting and implementation services in business platforms: CRM, PRM, and low-code applications on Microsoft Power Platform. First CRM integrator that proposed Dynamics CRM hosted in their own Data Center. With over 160 successful CRM projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 27 countries.





Services we provided

  • Visual identity
  • UX / UI
  • Development

Goals and objectives

– Refreshing the brand image that stands out among the competition in the industry.
– Showing the modernity and innovation of the company and its services.

Our Mission

To create outstanding communication style through strong colours, bold fonts and a completely new website.


Netwise wished to have an outstanding communication style. After a long analysis of the industry and websites of the competition, we have found that these are usually not very bold – rather simple and ordinary.


The logo shouldn’t be changed in form but become more recognizable and memorable; that’s why we decided on strong, aggressive colors.


The client did not want the brand to look tender or immature. He rather expected us to create a strong and courageous image of the company. That is why our concept was to use shapes that do not have rounded edges – therefore, the idea of ​​using squares and other square-shaped forms was born. Various designs closed in squares were meant to give the brand a particular, individual touch.

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