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TruPatch’s Journey
to a ‘No Sweat’

TruPatch, a US-based pharmaceutical innovator, specializes in creating sweat-based tests to detect various substances. Tailored for concerned parents, families, and individuals, TruPatch ensures reliable and anonymous results, offering a transformative approach to substance monitoring. Backed by a team of skilled engineers, TruPatch  is your trusted partner in safeguarding your loved ones.



Services we provided

  • UX/UI
  • Web Development
  • Technological Advisory


Client Problem

As TruPatch set out on its journey as a spin-out from an established mother company, they faced a host of tough challenges:

  • Creating a unique pharmaceutical brand: TruPatch faced the challenge of not only creating a new brand identity but also instilling trust and establishing authentic connections. Why is trust essential in this case? Given their product specification and data they’re operating on, building trust with recognizable style and online communication strategy is a must.
  • Distribution channel: TruPatch products introduced a fresh nationwide distribution channel, which called for effective management and maintaining consistency across various operational levels.
  • Making sense of a complicated system: TruPatch faced the intricate task of aligning the flow of patch orders from e-commerce, sending them to laboratories for testing, and subsequently delivering results to clients while maintaining data accuracy and confidentiality.
  • The need for an experienced technological partner:(tech partner) TruPatch, with its expertise in their field, lacked an internal development team. Therefore, they needed an external partner in the e-commerce domain, like Osom, to fill this gap. Without an in-house team of developers, designing a holistic system that seamlessly connected these elements became a challenge, blocking operational efficiency and growth potential.
  • Data protection: In the realm of handling sensitive patient information, TruPatch confronted the challenge of complying with strict data protection regulations, necessitating a secure system to safeguard patient privacy.

Project Details

Project Description:

Spanning from January to July 2023, our collaboration with TruPatch marked a transformative journey. Osom’s role covered crucial aspects, showcasing our expertise in design, development, and profound technological guidance, efficiently managed by our Project Manager. Osom’s skills shone as we engineered a sophisticated system adeptly managing the intricate logistics integral to TruPatch’s operations.


  • Design

In the design phase, our design team reflected the brand by creating a consistent and clear online communication. We seamlessly translated client’s mission and values into a visually engaging website, ensuring a user-friendly interface that resonated with their diverse target audience. This involved careful consideration of branding elements, user experience, and accessibility to create a cohesive and appealing digital representation.

  • Technological advisory

We provided technology guidance to make sure that the main challenge we faced was approached safely. It’s not a secret that TruPatch is operating on sensitive patients’ data. Creating a data security solution in the pharmaceutical field had to be handled responsibly and required advanced knowledge about WordPress security practices. Our team facilitated the integration with the external laboratory’s API, addressing compatibility issues through creative problem-solving. Our consultancy extended beyond technical aspects, including aspects like label printing integration, tax calculation, and Netsuite CRM integration. This provided a comprehensive solution aligning perfectly with Tru Patch’s goals.

  • Development

During the development stage, we brought our design concepts to life by employing advanced technologies. We focused on enhancing user interaction, streamline navigation, and optimize performance. Utilizing our proprietary Juniper boilerplate significantly sped up the development process, allowing us to save time while ensuring a robust and reliable foundation. Our development process prioritized responsiveness across various devices, ensuring a seamless experience for TruPatch’s clients. Additionally, we tackled the challenge of building a sophisticated system that managed the intricate network of e-commerce, laboratories, and client data, guaranteeing efficient data flow and secure handling.

Crafting Tailored Solutions:

The solution we chose addressed the very challenges TruPatch had encountered. The team not only helped shape the online face of the new brand but, more importantly, engineered a robust system to effortlessly manage the multifaceted network of e-commerce, laboratories, and client data. By becoming their technological partner and advisor, we integrated our knowledge and created a cohesive and efficient team.

During the project, we encountered two significant challenges and difficulties:

  • Constructing a system handling sensitive patient data:

The foremost challenge was constructing a system capable of effectively managing sensitive patient data while ensuring strict compliance with data protection regulations. The need to maintain patient confidentiality posed a complex task that required meticulous planning and execution.

  • Integrating with external laboratory via API:

Initially, this API presented compatibility issues that required us to provide advice and creative ideas for the lab as well, in order to overcome these setbacks. The API itself was complex, operating under various security rules, and we also offered guidance on the optimal implementation of certain aspects to ensure a successful and secure data exchange.

Leveraging Juniper Boilerplate:

A standout element of our approach was the utilization of  Juniper – our very own foundation framework which we have open sourced this year for the benefit of all the other companies and individuals who want to build WordPress websites faster and in a more secure way. This innovative tool streamlines WordPress development, ensuring a clear separation of frontend and backend, enhancing efficiency, and accelerating project setup. Leveraging Juniper, our dev team fortified the development process, showcasing a commitment to employing cutting-edge solutions to streamline the project’s execution. You can read more about Junpier HERE.


Our collaboration led to the successful establishment of a robust core system that forms the backbone of TruPatch’s new venture. The system boasts an appealing graphical interface designed for consumers purchasing sensitive products, drug tests. We thoroughly crafted the system’s architecture to prioritize data security, ensuring user information remains protected. Our comprehensive support, encompassing technological expertise and strategic consulting, empowered the client before project initiation. Currently, we’ve transitioned into an active maintenance phase, attentively tending to the system’s operations and planning future developmental endeavours.

The results like no other

In the TruPatch project, a particularly exceptional aspect lies in the successful integration of various components, forming a cohesive ecosystem. This is significant for several reasons:
Firstly, successfully aligning a user-friendly graphical interface with the sensitivity of the products required a delicate balance of functionality and aesthetics. We take pride in not only creating an appealing website, but also ensuring complete user data protection, especially vital for sensitive drug tests.

Secondly, offering pre-project technological support, expertise, and technological consulting played a crucial role. This approach was exceptional as it empowered the client with the understanding needed for smooth project execution and potential hurdles avoidance.
The project’s uniqueness emerges from our team effort to harmonize different elements into a seamless, efficient, and secure system. This journey toward pharmaceutical excellence is the result of our commitment to combining innovation, security, and client guidance that makes this project notable within our portfolio.

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