New Website for Venta – Air humidifiers with air purification function

Venta is a global leader in the production of humidifiers and air purifiers, with 30 years of experience, on the market.




2019 – 2020

Services we provided

  • Visual identity
  • UX / UI
  • Development

Goals and objectives

Due to the company’s entry into the Polish market, the website of the online store also needed a purification. Therefore, the goal was to create a website that would perform two functions – it would both be a classic information site and fully functional e-commerce.

Our Mission

– Designing a new layout and creating a concept for attractive product presentation

– Creating a new brand communication strategy

– Rebranding of some visual element

– Developing and implementing a website


The site was based on WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, which ensured:

  • optimal expansion options with additional modules
  • adjusting the functionality to the needs of both customers and the website administrator
  • easy access to plugins and the possibility to integrate with external tools, such as Google Analytics
  • the ability to analyze conversions and optimize all marketing activities and marketing optimization, after all, translates into an increase in revenue
  • making the layout more attractive, including consistent elements that appear throughout the entire branding – when designing a comprehensive communication strategy, we focused on circles that symbolize airborne pollution

Actions &



For the client we have created not only a website with an informational function but also a fully functional e-commerce store.



Undertaken actions and the established strategic direction have helped us strengthen the company’s position on the market. It built a sense of security and awareness among the brand’s recipients –  now they can be sure that the site is an official German brand distributor on the Polish market.

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