Effective Communication from First Contact to Website Launch: Osom Studio’s Tried and Tested Process

By Ewelina Paul

We’ve been supporting businesses like yours for more than 11 years by facilitating seamless communication with WordPress. As a result, we became the WPVip and the WooExperts league members. Are you curious how we have achieved that? Imagine that you have decided to carry out a project with us…

They say “Communication Is King” – we believe it’s true, but only when effective.

Since we value your time and know its worth, we emphasise asynchronous communication and set ourselves up to use it effectively. We started as an organisation operating on a hybrid-working model, so transitioning to a fully remote one was a natural step in our development. Our experience working with clients worldwide supported us in developing processes to facilitate efficient communication.

Osom fact: Did you know that we organised workshops for participants from 4 different time zones? During one meeting, we connected with: UTC+01:00 (Poland, France), UTC+08:00 (Hong Kong), UTC-05:00 (New York – USA), UTC -07:00 (San Francisco – California – USA), and it was a resounding success!


Keep it simple: a single source of information

We know that working on a website or ecommerce is usually only part of your day-to-day tasks, so we follow the keep-it-simple rule. We start by preparing dedicated space in Basecamp (a project management platform) for your project. Then it’s time for you to get to grips with how it works. The Client Success Specialist provides you with short video tutorials and instructions while the Project Manager in charge of your undertaking addresses any doubts you may have when using the platform.

You may contact the Project Manager or the specialist responsible for your project (developer, graphic designer) directly in the shuffle. Our entire team is committed to keeping you up-to-date with accurate information at all times.

Osom fact: Did you know that every project handled by Osom Studio has its own Project Manager?

“Thanks to Osom Studio Digital Agency, the client’s applicants can now easily find information needed on the site, and the time user spent on-site doubled. The team uses Basecamp to keep the client up-to-date about the projects and their expected completion dates”.

Marta Mamzer, Capgemini                   

Besides asynchronous work, providing the opportunity to focus on the task at hand (so-called deep work), we also utilise synchronous forms of communication. At Basecamp, you will find a Campfire chat where you can directly pose questions. The Project Manager recommends the optimal meeting number, usually in the form of a video conference for your project.

The PM helps to establish its objective according to the desired outcome. 

It may take the form of: 

  • brainstorming session (on a new solution), 
  • Q&A session to clarify objectives, 
  • decision-making session (concerning modifications or functionalities),
  • status-review briefing,
  • change-definition or problem-solving session,
  • informative briefing, etc.

A well-defined meeting objective enables you to make the most of the meeting time and… fosters creative thinking – nothing spurs solution-making like a spirited debate. We wish participants to leave any briefing thinking: I survived another meeting that definitely should NOT have been an e-mail! 

Something urgent happened? We believe that some situations require conventional communication. A short phone call or text message allows us to handle the matter adroitly. Whereas when it comes to contracts and finances, e-mail is the obvious choice. 

The Osom team is convinced that a business partnership yields the best results. We focus on transparency in day-to-day communication and do not shy away from tricky topics.

“Osom Studio successfully kept the site stable despite its growing reach, allowing a client to achieve their business goals. They fostered effective project management through a communicative and professional approach. Their availability, openness, and transparency were impressive”.

Paweł Wrobel, Petstar  

Waterfall, agile or maybe hybrid methodologies?

Are you puzzled about what software development model we would use to deliver your project? Well, the answer is straightforward. It depends on an array of factors. We strongly believe the outcome is key. That is why we match the methodology we use to the time, scope and model of billing or budget to achieve it. 

We kick-off our collaboration with a meeting allowing you and your Project Manager to identify the most suitable method for managing your project. Not sure which one will be optimal? Let us give you a hint! 

Did your project assumptions change in the process? We’ll assist you in this as well. We have learned from experience that if you want to achieve a different result, you usually have to change… the method that leads to its achievement.


There is no reason to reinvent the wheel

 A digital solution development process resembles a house construction – you choose the layout and number of rooms according to your needs and the requirements of its other users. 

The same applies to projects. In the first stage – preparatory work – we identify needs and draft solutions (here, you can read more about researching users’ needs). 

Then comes the design. After this phase, our Project Manager usually schedules an internal meeting, a so-called premortem session. During this face-to-face discussion with the team, we identify potential project risks and plan works to avoid them as far as possible. 

Next, the PM teams up with the tech lead and the project team to break down the project into tasks and describe them via acceptance criteria. Such a task brief aims to simply answer the question: How do we know that we completed the task? 

Our Project Manager introduces you to the ready-made action plan during the videoconference. It is a perfect time to ask questions and dispel any doubts. We wish to be sure our forthcoming solution meets your and the end-user’s demands.

Let’s go back to the house-building metaphor. Next, we put up the walls. In our case it is everything the user sees – the front end. Then we move on to the finishing work, i.e., fitting the site with functionalities – the back end. 

The front-end and back-end works may take place in a parallel or different order to suit your project requirements. 

You cannot overlook details during the house-building process. The same goes for the website. We are keen for the site to be secure, so high-quality anti-burglary systems come in handy. 

Finally, a house should be well-located – it is a domain/server in our case – and easy for our visitors to find – SEO.

Once we have implemented the solution – the website is launched – our Project Manager organises an internal project evaluation. Then we examine what we could do better in the future. 

Our team’s openness to feedback and desire to share improvement ideas allow us to develop effective project management processes. We incorporate the evaluation conclusions into workflows and turn repetitive project milestones into functional checklists. 

Such an approach ensures that the subsequent implementation goes even smoother. We prefer tried-and-tested solutions because reinventing the wheel is not optimal for our client’s businesses.


Future cooperation

Is our first project finished? What’s next?      After implementation, we offer website maintenance, and if you have an appetite for more – we can take on follow-up projects. While we realise that everyone selects an agency according to their individual preferences, if what you’ve read about our philosophy of cooperation resonates with you, there is a good chance that we will become business partners for years to come.

Osom fact: Did you know that around 90% of our customers stay with us for the long run?

Would you like to find out for yourself? Would you like to find out for yourself? Meet with Maciej, and let’s discuss your project.

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