Mapping your marketing efforts – interview with James Baldacchino

Discover how to develop a successful marketing strategy for WordPress products with Ellipsis’ James Baldacchino on the Osom To Know podcast. Stay tuned and subscribe now!

By Maciej Nowak

Meet the Juniper starter pack, your WordPress development new best friend!

Juniper is our original boilerplate, and the answer to your prayers to get your web development projects up and running quickly and efficiently. We’ve been working on and with it for a while now, and after the last release we’re ready to go more public.

By Bartosz Nowak

Discover WPCS, the world’s first multi-tenant WP cloud solution – intreview with Wijnand van Leeuwen

Discover the innovative and powerful WPCS platform, the world’s first multi-tenant WordPress cloud solution. If you are an agency or individual selling or managing multiple WordPress installations, WPCS offers a comprehensive solution to help you scale your business and streamline your operations.

By Maciej Nowak

“What makes a good website? Boost your business’s online visibility”

How do you know if your website is good? Our list will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your WordPress website and help you make changes to achieve your business goals! Don’t miss out – read it now.

By Łukasz Kaczmarek

13 Easy Steps to Improve WordPress Security and Keep Your Site Safe

Defend your WordPress website and keep your business safe! Discover 13 simple and effective steps to improve your WordPress website’s security and protect your business from cyber threats.

By Bartosz Nowak

Discovering the secrets of the SEO world – interview with Thomas Kloos

Have a sneak peek of the complex and constantly evolving world of SEO, whether you’re a digital marketer or a business owner looking to improve your online presence. After watching it, you will see Search Engine Optimization way more clearly.

By Maciej Nowak

OSOM plugins Starter Kit and Guidelines

It’s hard to imagine a website without plugins, but it’s easy to imagine what an excessive amount can do to a site’s speed and security. With our guide, we shed light on the issues of plugins on a WordPress site and list the most popular ones. Wrote by Kamil Jankowiak, WordPress Developer in Osom.

By Kamil Jankowiak

Get a grip on CI/CD – Interview with Maciek Palmowski

Enhance your company’s process and save money by implanting hassle-free testing. Listen to the conversation between Maciej Nowak, Partner at Osom Studio, and Maciej Palmowski, Development Advocate Analyst at Kinsta, about automation of WordPress builds – CI / CD.

By Maciej Nowak

How to evaluate a project? Ins and outs of Osom project evaluation process.

Nothing is more valuable for a company’s growth and expertise than an evaluation and reflection on a completed project! If you want to find out how we do this at Osom, read our article written by Karolina Szro, Osom HR Specialist

By Karolina Szor

Take your startup to the next level – interview with Nick Stein

Improve your company marketing efforts with Nick Stein and Osom to Know podcast. In this episode, Nick, a marketing consultant with experience from Ogilvy and running his own business shares his knowledge to help startups launch and grow their business. Learn tips such as the importance of thinking about the bigger picture, the power of writing and messaging before design, and creating effective marketing solutions without spending a lot of money.

By Maciej Nowak

Creating an Effective Website: Is it Better to Build New or Optimize an Existing One?

Explore the pros and cons of building a new website from scratch or optimizing an existing one for a stronger online presence. Find out which approach is best for your business and maximize your website’s effectiveness.

By Łukasz Kaczmarek

Web3 present and future – interview with Dave Lockie

Join the conversation between Maciej and Dave Lockie, expert in WordPress and crypto, as they delve into the origins and evolution of Web3, crypto and NFTs. Whether you’re new to the subject of Web3 and crypto or a seasoned speculator, this discussion has something for everyone.

By Maciej Nowak

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