How to Build Strong and Effective Teams in a Remote Organisation? – 5 key essentials we have implemented at Osom

Transitioning into a remote organisation requires changes in the day-to-day work arrangement. If you, like us, have chosen the remote working path, read this article for a handful of tips and insights we’ve gleaned from our experience.

By Karolina Szor

When a WordPress contract goes badly wrong…

Redesigning a WordPress website or building a brand new one is a strategic business decision, and you want it done right! But what if it happens otherwise? What to do when your project goes wrong? Read our article and find out how to save your website and your business.

By Maciej Nowak

How WordPress found us, and how we made it ours

You may think – of all the available frameworks and technologies, why choose WordPress? Well, it’s hard to point to just one reason. We’ll do our best to explain our choice, though.

By Robert Cnotalski

Why is WordPress the best CMS for SEO?

Looking to bolster your marketing efforts with the right CMS? WordPress might just be the ideal choice. What makes it great for SEO?

By Łukasz Kaczmarek

Project typography – Osom tips and tricks

What should you keep in mind when choosing the perfect typography for your project? How to pick the ideal typeface that will appeal to your audience? This article will help you master these elements while building your clients’ brand identity!

By Adam Bogusiak

DevKinsta – the perfect flow for your WP apps. Webinar by Osom and Buddy

Back in August, together with Buddy. Works, we held a webinar to share our workflow with the wider WordPress community. In this article, we want to give you a rundown on the tools from Buddy. Works and Kinsta that we use at Osom, and explain what makes them true time-savers.

By Bartosz Nowak

Asynchronously means better

Instead of working remote, make remote work for you. Why we chose to work asynchronously at OSOM.

By Karolina Szor

Form Design Best Practices – Boost Conversions and UX

There are many small details you should consider when designing forms. Take a look at what you should pay attention to in order to create a great one!

By Michał Durys

Benefits of having a Project Manager on the project

Discover why the role of a project manager is essential in the IT industry.

By Patrycja Krakus

What are web development agency red flags? Osom checklist

How can you make sure the agency you’re working with is a partner you can trust? This Osom Checklist will guide you through what to look out for when working with a development agency.

By Robert Cnotalski

Where to look for Digital/WordPress agencies?

Looking for a digital agency and don’t know where to start? Find out which are the best platforms to find the right digital partner.

By Łukasz Kaczmarek

WordPress website – Off-the-shelf templates or custom solutions?

Find out what are the main advantages and disadvantages of pre-built templates for WordPress websites and Woocommerce stores. Learn when and where to look for custom solutions.

By Łukasz Kaczmarek

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